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Mudslinging in Arkansas

–Randy & Marie Roe

My wife and I had been discussing opening a Drive thru coffee shop for about 3 1/2 years, we exhausted dozens of franchise opportunities and independent set-ups as well and came upon "Mudslingers".  We started comparing them to all the others and came to the conclusion they were the best option for us!

We were both working our careers 12-14 hours a day and knew we had to make some changes as we were getting older and our goals for retirement were not coming to fruition.  We made the call and were pleasantly surprised with April's knowledge and great suggestions for us! We had done quite a bit of research on where we wanted to open our new business and we scheduled the sight selection trip. Kerby had great knowledge of accessibility, location needs and overall traffic patterns and results! We had 28 possibilities by the end of the day. Kerby and April were great at contacting land owners, helping in negotiating a lease, securing a general contractor and working with the city for all permits needed! 

We were able to customize our store's look and we are so pleased with choices April helped research and suggested for us after we told her our "design look" we were going for. April came out for our 2 day training session and we asked her to plan a third day so we could do some further site selections. We opened May25th and have been very busy ever since! We are already starting to negotiate our 2nd and 3rd locations all within 1 month of opening the #1 store.  If you truly want a "turn key" operation with all the help and encouragement you need by simply picking up the phone then this is the Company to go with! We can't wait to get more locations up and running with April's help!!

Featured Story

Well Bean Says Well Done!

–Well Bean Coffee & Tea

Melissa Brown selected Mudslingers to help with many aspects of opening an espresso drive-thru, including Site Selection, and Barista Training Packages.  Here's what Melissa has to say.

My experience with Mudslingers has been fruitful from the start! My husband Jon and I felt led to start a coffee business in efforts to give back to my parents mission, New Song, in Northwest Nicaragua. We did not have a clue where to begin, much less how to be successful enough to give back! From the start, the Mudslingers team took care of our idea and coached us every step of the way to and through our Grand Opening on April 18th of 2014. We were overwhelmed with the success of the drive thru, profiting after our very first month open. Since, we have had 6 people interested in franchising their own Well-Bean drive thru, which shows the potential of this business in the future. We are forever grateful to be coffee entrepeneurs & see our dream finally exist. If you are intersted in owning your own coffee business I highly recommend Mudslingers to help lead and guide you to your own success.

Featured Story

Minnesota Nice!

–Barbara and Steve Sells

Mudslingers Spotlights a client each month to provide real life examples detailing how our company helps it's clients succeed.

When Barbara and Steve came to Mudslingers they had their own dream and vision in mind.  They wanted a drive-thru coffee shop in their home town, and wanted to use their own brand.  Barbara had a long standing dream, like many others of being her own boss - and a business owner - and the timing was finally right. 

The day Barbara first called Mudslingers, our experts guided her toward the customized business plan.  The Mudslinger Flex Business Plan is designed to help detail the project's potential and costs using project specific details and is also valuable in the case a client needs financing from a commercial lender.

Barbara and Steve had chose a local contractor to build their unit, but continued to enlist Mudslinger services for building examples, equipment, parking lot layout, city approvals, health department assistance and more.  We also walked Barbara and Steve through the process of setting up their company and offered guidance on their new logo!  It's an exciting time watching the dream slowly becoming a reality!

As the building was being constructed we worked in the background on price comparisons for products from trusted suppliers, and cost effectively developed their inventory.  We created a menu together and helped to build their “MoJoe” with care.  We also guided on signage and the grand opening, which was now getting to be so close.   When the training days finally came, Barbara and Steve had two days of dedicated training with a Mudslingers Specialist. Training includes not only learning how to make drinks, but being very knowledgeable on the products, maintaining equipment, being creative with products, up-selling customers, employee tips, customer service and so much more. Mudslinger Specialists take care to educate on both the business and barista aspects of the business.

As it is all said and done, Barbara had this to say about Mudslingers: “Mudslingers gave me the guidance and confidence I needed to get my drive-thru started.  They were there for me at every turn and I really appreciated the honesty to tell me what I really needed to hear and do.   It was a lengthy process from the first time I communicated with them due to my local authorities and my personal financing, but they stuck with me and for that I highly recommend them.  Mudslingers will always be known as my secret agent.”

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I want to thank you again for a job well done!

– Mark

I have enjoyed working with you first and foremost! I have grown respect for mudslingers due to the fact that they do not push anything on you that…

– Colleen

Mudslingers made good on each and every promise. They were available for phone calls and replied to emails promptly in every instance. Their…

– Jenny